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Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you find yourself wondering why parenting seems so hard?

  • Do you have days when you just feel like walking away?

  • Do you get shocked by some of your own reactions when you feel pushed to the limit by your child?

  • Do you feel resentful towards your child for often trying to take charge?

  • Are you tired of giving into your child's demands just to keep the peace?

  • Are you concerned by your child's low image of themselves?

  • Are you tired of your requests going unheard?

  • Are you concerned by your child's displays of aggression?

  • Do you feel anxious about taking your child out not knowing how they will behave?

  • Are you tired of your child's behaviours impacting negatively on the whole family? 

  • Are you exhausted from the effort it takes to soothe your child when you have to leave them?

  • Have you given up on trying to get through to your son/daughter?

  • Have you had enough of your son/daughter wanting to always do the opposite of what you say?

  • Do you feel grieved at how shut off from your son/daughter you feel?

If so, you are not alone and you have come to the right place!

A child's behaviour is their voice, their way of saying I need something in relationship. They are never purposefully difficult, but are simply hardwired to ensure they get certain relational needs met and use behaviours to communicate this.

What can seem like defiant, out of control or problematic behaviour can simply be their way of ensuring they get their relational needs met, as best as they can to ensure their healthy development.

It would be my pleasure to join with you in working out what it is that your child or young person might be asking for in relationship, so that you can meet their needs and enable them to rest from using problematic behavioural strategies to ensure needs provision. 

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