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Parenting Consultation

(All Ages) 

To suit your needs – 1- 2 sessions

  • The aim of this work is to facilitate the development of a secure, enjoyable, healthy attachment relationship between you and your child.

  • To reduce any problematic or concerning behaviours your child might be displaying

  • To facilitate the development of emotional health, resiliency and good self esteem.

Healthy Parent Child relationship Parenting Consultation Child Therapy/Counselling, Whangaparaoa Auckland. Remedy Difficult behaviours, Facilitate Emotional Regulation
Strengthening Parent-child relationships.A strong connection helps healthy growth resilience and development. Parenting consultation, child therapy/counselling/counseling,counsellor,Play therapy,Whangaparaoa Auckland, help anxiety,aggressive,angry behaviours

Strengthening Parent-Child Relationship

(Ages 3-8)


This is a 6-8 week programme using a combination of parenting consultation and play sessions with you and your child:

  • The aim of this work is to facilitate the development of a secure, healthy attachment relationship between you and your child through the medium of play.

  • To facilitate the development of emotional health, resiliency and good self esteem.

  • To reduce any problematic or concerning behaviours your child might be displaying.

Play Therapy

(Ages 3-8)

Play Therapy is a 16 week process with your child in the playroom plus monthly parenting consultations:

  • The aim of this work is to provide a safe, contained environment where your child can express themselves fully and work through difficulties that might be hindering their healthy development.

  • To help them experience an internal change in the way they see themselves, others and relationships.  

  • To learn that they can get their relational needs met without using problematic behavioural strategies to do so.

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Narrative Therapy,therapist.Using strengths to overcome problems and regulate emotions. Child, Children's Therapy/Therapist/Counselling,counseling,counsellor,counselor, Parenting Consultation, Help with anxiety,depression,bullying,self esteem,Whangaparaoa, Auckland.

Narrative Therapy

(Ages 8 Upwards)


Usually about 4-6 sessions depending on the individual. (Funding is normally available for 12 -24 year olds).

  • The aim here is to work collaboratively with your young person in an age appropriate way and empower them to reconnect with their uniquely capable, resourceful self.

  • To establish and narrate the “I can,” the “I am good enough,” as they explore their beliefs, values and strengths and to facilitate them to reconnect with their drive and interest in life.

  • To work together in playfully gaining an understanding of the different facets of the problem(s) they might be experiencing, including the problem's effects, tactics and triggers, the beliefs and ideas that support it. 

  • To empower your young person to find solutions from their richly narrated resourceful self to help influence these problems, to discover different perspectives, to claim their life back from the negative influences of these problems and live life more fully.


(Ages 12-20)


Usually about 4-6 sessions depending on individual.  (Funding is usually available for 12-24 year olds).

  • The aim of this work is to provide a space for your teenager to explore, express, grapple with and work through their own beliefs and values and ideas, to explore their strengths, hopes and dreams and to make decisions informed by these.

  • To embrace the beauty of their emerging individuality and develop a positive view of themselves. 

  • To normalise the vulnerabilities and conflicts experienced in these teenage years.

  • To work through difficulties and problems that might be impacting this emerging self and which can try to convince them that they are "not good enough," "not capable," "that life isn't worth living" or that there is no hope.

  • To help them to reunite with the "I can," "I am capable," "I am good enough" and help them to reconnect with their drive and interest in life.

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