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Helen is amazing! Her warmth & genuine interest in getting to know our daughter meant that she quickly built trust and the ability to speak into our daughter's situation with her wisdom and expertise. The difference in our daughter after her sessions with Helen has been remarkable and we are so grateful. We would not hesitate to recommend Helen to anyone! 


My 4 year old son started Play therapy to help with his Selective mutism. In just 16 weeks he made significant progress, his confidence has improved so much, outbursts and tantrums are not as frequent as it used to be and he is happier. 

Helen was amazing during the whole process, helping us and making sure we knew every step of the way.

I cannot recommend Helen enough, my son has thrived tremendously!"


My son and I have had a better relationship this week. I feel he trusts me more and is thriving on behaving nicely to please mama. Therefore, his is more compliant. I can see now the power of really connecting with him, especially paying attention to his roller coaster emotions makes him feel confident as an individual lil man.



Over the last few years, especially since starting school my son struggled with a few personal issues and we felt it was time to reach out for some help. Helen worked with my son over 12 or so weeks and has been a huge benefit for my son. Helen is kind and calm and my son always looked forward to his play therapy session with Helen.


Your sessions with our daughter have been a huge help and we’ve seen a big improvement in her behaviour and ability to communicate her needs with us. 


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